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2020 is finally here, HBN Platform has a new look!

We start by wishing you a happy new year, full of the Lord’s blessings for you and your loved ones. We start the year with a new look, and a new way of doing things. We added more sections to improve our content flow. We’ve listened to our users, visitors’ feedback. We have decided to improve the platform by redesigning it completely from the ground up.

New Features

We have added features for artists, albums, tracks and podcasts by adding radio stations. This will allow users to listen to content of their choices, such as preaching, Bible teaching, music and more.

Teaching Tools

We have created a section for teachers where students will be able to enhance their knowledge of the Word, and ministry in general. Pastors, evangelists and normal congregants now have a place to share their knowledge and experience.


We have added sections for men, women, and the youth to help each visitor in their demographic group as needed. By providing artists and content providers their respective areas, we streamline the process for the content to flow easily between them and users.

This new look is accessible on all devices as needed. Even though some slight functionality may not be obvious at first, we hope it will get easier with time.

We have also introduced a “donations” section to support this work, to allow us to provide even more, and better content going forward

For content providers (whether it’s teaching preachings or music ), you can now easily upload your content to our platform. Once approved it will be live automatically. Simply fill the form and we will review it within 48 at most.

The new HBN Platform is intended to increase user engagement. We hope you will enjoy it and help continue improving it by providing much needed feedback.

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